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How to choose an online shop in 2019

How to choose an online shop in 2019. In this digital era, online shopping has become a big deal with several E-commerce platforms for shoppers to choose from.

Different platforms have their strengths and weakness and you probably want to shop from one that is really convenient for you. Therefore there are the parameters to look at;


Check out on what other shoppers like you say about their previous experiences with the various platforms. Online reviews are very legit since it gives the public the platform to share their experiences and the reviewed companies have no control over the posts.

Customer support

You will be more comfortable shopping on a platform with instant customer support eg live chart or operational phone numbers. At least that will give you the confidence and assurance of their legitimacy furthermore they also help you find an item that you are not able to. Compare shopping in Tuskys online which has live chat support to other online shops.


The reason as to why you are shopping online is for convenience purposes.  You would wish your item to be delivered to you on time or alternatively for them to get it ready for you to collect from their outlets.

Return & Refund policy

Shit happens! Unfortunately, that’s the reality. There are some cases of “what you ordered vs what is delivered”. Ensure that you carefully go through their return policy and since this is a blunder that can come from either side, you have to consider them too before shouting on Twitter.

 Payment plans

Times are tough and you have a thin budget. Thanks to innovations and the ability to Lipia pole pole and Lipa later. Most retailers are adapting to these modes of payments since not all can afford to buy at once.


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