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How to get started with E-commerce in 2019

How to get started with E-commerce in 2019. If you are in business, however, the size you need to leverage into e-commerce! Brick and motor still dominate the retail sales due to trust issues and logistical hitches faced in e-commerce but things are changing fast these days.

With an online shop, you increase your chances of making sales more than five times than relying on offline sales not forgetting that it really helps in cost-cutting in regards to your working capital.

Get a website

I can’t emphasize this enough. Why do you think large retail stores like Tuskys and Naivas have their online shop despite the two having branches all over?

Today you can easily get a professional website done for you with less than Kshs 10,000. Keep in mind that an e-commerce site costs more due to its complexity but with just an online catalog you can get one at that price.

Get into Social Media Marketing

Today social media is not a platform for teens as it used to be in the past. Facebook alone has over 1.5 billion daily users constituting of all ages making it a perfect market place.

Brands such Jumia are marketing their products daily on Facebook and making sales just through a simple and persuasive post.

To be on the safe side, you need to learn Facebook marketing and other social media platforms

Get into Email marketing

Ask your customers to subscribe to your email listing to get notified on offers and new products. This is something that is done continuously so as to create a strong bond between you and your customers.

Taking products photos

Take nice photos of your products and edit to make them clear and with a smaller size to avoid slowing your web speed.

Also, ensure that the photos you upload are lively and more human. For instance, if it is ladies handbag, don’t just take the photos on a white background, at least add another one with a lady holding the bag. This attracts buyers more than that on a white background.

Product name and descriptions

While naming your products, ensure that you include the main features of the product on the same line as in the name. For instance, its a Huawei Y5 Prime phone, instead, name it as Huawei Y5 Prime 4gb ram, and 8.1 oreo,  16mp camera. This easily attracts the buyer’s eyes.

On the product description, ie features, use SEO friendly terms and those that are likely to be searched by internet users

Customer support

Customer support is very key online due to many trust issues and competition. Ensure that you have a live chat customer support on your platform and operational phone numbers.

For easy support as a small business, I would encourage you to take advantage of the Whatsapp chat plugin and integrate it with your website. This also helps you to collect contacts from your customers for follow-ups and future marketing.

Contact details

On your online shop, make sure you clearly indicate your contact details so as to increase your walk-in customers.

This helps in cubbing the ROPO effect (Research Online Purchase Offline) It has been proved that despite 90% of the retail sales are done offline, the majority of the customers do research online before making the purchase. Lucky for those businesses with online shops with their contact details on them.

Terms and policies

Clearly, indicate your business terms and policies to your customers. This would help to avoid a lot of crisis which may ruin your brand’s reputation.


E-commerce is something that is growing and changing on a daily basis and therefore you have to keep up with the pace to be safe. For more tips and update keep it here.


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