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How to get started with Email Marketing for beginners

Have you ever got into a site and a pop up comes asking you to subscribe into their mailing lists for discounts or detailed updates? I bet you have, and the moment you submit your email address, they will start sending you more info or offers to your email continuously. This is the simplest explanation I can give in email marketing.

Decide on the platform to use

There are several platforms that provide email marketing both free plans and premium plans. Personally, I would recommend MailChimp which is free and very simple to use. It’s my recommendation to you because I have used it for more than two years and it has been really helpful.

Create your auto-responder

This is the message people get once they subscribe into your email listing. You need to make it memorable and giving them more reason to open your emails in the future.

Being the only email that tells people why they should subscribe to your lists,  you can even copy paste the contents from your about page on your website. This would give them the best reasons since it tells them what you are all about.

Autoresponders also help you in sending emails targeted to specific people in your mailing list. It’s a feature that will really come in handy regarding your email marketing efforts.

Build your mailing list

Your mailing list is the contact list of your customers that you will be sending them promotional or informational emails.

You can acquire their email addresses by asking them to subscribe into your mailing list once they get into your website. Tools such as Hellobar can help you do this easily.

Alternatively, you can create a survey on MailChimp which will help you collect visitors email addresses. These contacts can also help in terms of Facebook marketing

Send your 1st blast mail with great content

The first impression is everything! Ensure that the email sent to them is relevant and the landing page on your website is working perfectly.


If you have any additional points, questions or comments feel free to share it on the comments section. Also, make sure you subscribe on my email listing for more.

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