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How to promote your work as an entertainer

How to promote your work as an entertainer. Times have changed and you really have no choice but to keep up with the pace. This post is for all the stakeholders in the showbiz; Djs, musicians, actors, actresses, stand up comedians, photographers, dancers, MCs, etc.

If you are in the showbiz industry and taking it as a career then you need to follow this advice and they have proven that they do work;

Brand representation

As an entertainer, you need to put yourself as a brand and not just as a musician or Dj. This is the reason why most artists are under record labels that do manage their brands. Learn here on how to do it yourself.

Document yourself

You can do this by creating Facebook or Instagram stories. Post videos of behind the scene of your video shoot, preparing to perform on a gig or even a recording session in the studio. This will create more interest in people as they would like more of that content. They will start following you and in the process, you can be promoting your work since you have already established a relationship with your fan base.

A good example is Akothe. She keeps on posting video content on Instagram about her family, lifestyle, and work. Look carefully how many like or engagements does she get per pots? This really works for her and also helps her in promoting her business – Akothe Safaris

Produce video contents.

Its a proven fact that all social channels including Google as a search engine prefer video over text based content. As a Dj you can record yourself while doing your thing and post it on social channels, using it to create a buzz for an upcoming mixtape or gig. Alternatively a preview video version of that mixtape

As an Mc you can do a short video of a collection of your events, giving people an idea of what to expect on an upcoming event. This also helps marketing you showing what you have and can do.

Produce educative content

People want to learn new things every time. If you are a producer or a Dj, you can produce video content showing people tips on how to be good at your field. In this case, you will have people asking for more of these and therefore you can advertise to them any of your paid classes.

Get a website

This is something that I will insist forever. If you really are taking entertainment as a career then you need to get professional.

Social media will never replace a website, the main reason being you own the space on the website but not on your social media accounts.

Instagram has its own limitations eg; you cant copy past or share a link from any other site. You cant sell your merchandise or work on Instagram but a website gives you all that freedom.

A good website gives you the freedom to showcase your portfolio, integrate your YouTube channel with it whereby people can watch your videos or sell your merchandise.

Also, a website gives you your own space. You will be able to track your performance online, understand where the loopholes are and make the recommended changes. To finish this ask yourself why successful entertainers like Octopizo, Dj Joe Mfalme, Sauti sol or Bahati have their own website?

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