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How to rank in Content Marketing in 2019

There are over a billion blogs worldwide, every seven people are equal to one blog. So how are you going to compete?

The field of content Marketing has changed a lot. Producing tons of contents is not a guarantee that you will get more traffic today. These are the tips that will help you in Content Marketing in 2019;

Keep updating your content

With the high numbers of blogs worldwide, this means that millions of contents are produced on a daily basis. When it comes to rankings Google will consider the latest posts and not the outdated ones whoever how good they were.

Focus on quality rather than quantity

Producing a single relevant content is worth more than producing tons of irrelevant contents. You need to give your target market the reasons to visit your site. The best way is to produce content that would be relevant for a longer period. Unlike those whose relevance lasts within a shorter period, the ones with longer relevance life span will give you more traffic since people will be engaging with it for a longer period.

Promote your content

Spend more time in content promotion than producing more contents. Give them the best of your content and promote it in all social channels, Whatsapp groups, Telegram channels, and even Facebook groups

Perform an AB test

An AB test is whereby you produce two or more contents and analyze amongst them which one performed better in terms of acquisition or engagements. From the results, you can then decide on your niche and focus more on the best performing content.

Create video and audio content

When creating content keep your target market in mind. Videos captures peoples attention and makes them stay longer. This also helps you rank easily as more people will be stuck on your site.

Podcasting has become a big deal in 2019. Nowadays people want to do another thing while interacting with your content. They don’t have a lot of time reading your blog posts but if you give them an option whereby they can be driving or cooking while listening to your podcast, I bet you will win lots of hearts.

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