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Why your small business needs a website

Why your small business needs a website

If are in any kind of business then you already know that you have to adapt to the changes before you get swiped away.

It’s expected by your customers

Your customers do search for your products and services online. Very soon they will find the same products or services online on another business website and that’s how you will end up losing sales.

Take a good example at Wallmart, the biggest retail chain in the word lost of sales due to the ‘Amazon effect’ which forced them to adapt to e-commerce

Its the same case here in Kenya, Jumia came and it affected lots of retail businesses hence Tuskys and Naivas today are in e-commerce 

This does not only apply to the retail industry, it affects any business regardless of the industry. For instance, you have a law firm or a hospital, people would review the quality of your services online. Where would they get the best information online if not your business?

It helps you get new customers

People always search for products and services online so as to make a purchasing decision. With a professional website,you can easily convert many site visitors to your customers.


For example, you are a DJ, MC, Architect or a photographer and you would like to show your previous works to prospects, how would you do that? Would you show them photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube? I bet you are smarter than that. There are lots of destruction on social media and the prospects could end up picking your competition since you have no control over the platform. With a website you have full control and zero destructions.

It gives the social proof to your prospects

People make their purchasing decisions based on reviews. Online reviews are becoming more stronger than any other proof. With a website, this will give you an upper hand since your happy customers can act as your ambassadors on the reviews. Furthermore, they can even share your web link to friends and loved ones as a referral. Indeed this is free marketing you will be getting.

Its your 24/7 office

With a website,your business is functional at all times. The information that one needs to get by walking to your offices one can get it from your website. Say you are a consultancy firm and its on a Sunday or public holiday, one can easily book an appointment on your website after getting to know of your services and charges.

There are a million reasons as to why you need a website. Watch this video for more valid reasons


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